Video conferencing

Video conferencing

For video conferencing, good audio and video is most important. And you probably want to be able to easily show a presentation or just share your screen. Further extra functionality is often less important. If security and privacy are important to you, it is best to use your own server. We support companies and organisations with video conferencing via their own servers.

What does remote video conferencing involve?

Important with video conferencing

  • Good interaction
    The participants must be able to communicate well with each other. And a speaker must be able to determine whether the listeners can ask questions or discuss during the presentation. Or that everyone is quiet and writes down their questions to ask after the presentation.
  • Communication
    Both verbal and non-verbal communication are essential. Through non-verbal communication, the speakers and participants receive information about whether the other participants understand the presentation and/or discussion.

Challenges in video conferencing remotely

With video remote meetings you have to deal with some extra difficulties:

  • the course of discussions in large groups is difficult to arrange. Especially if participants start talking to each other. Or that certain people are talking too much and others are not.
  • Participants may be distracted and at the same time busy with other things.
  • participants may have a different mindset because they are in a different environment or time zone
  • connection quality may vary
  • technical problems encountered by participants

Remote video conferencing solutions

A moderator can respond to the additional challenges:

  • increasing involvement by having a video and audio connection with all participants
  • use good equipment:
    • modern computer
    • fast network connection (use a fixed Ethernet cable instead of WiFi or 4G)
    • fast internet connection
  • Use good online video conference software:
    • which offers good video and audio
    • where a presentation can be shown within the environment
    • the screen can be shared
    • where a chairperson or speaker may temporarily turn off the audio of individual participants 
    • be able to work together on shared documents, e.g. to take notes together
    • a shared whiteboard


We offer support with BigBlueButton to organisations that want to meet video in a safe and pricacy-friendly way.

  • BigBlueButton capabilities for video conferencing
  • Record your conference for later viewing.
  • Let questions come in via the chat function.
  • Show a presentation, or share your screen

See all possibilities of BigBlueButton

Alternative: secure video conferencing

For BigBlueButton you need a powerful server. To make it possible for 1-person trainers and coaches to work with BigBlueButton, we offer "B-shared". This is a shared BigBlueButton server where you can use a separate part.

Don't need all the functionality of BigBlueButton? And do you still want your own conference server? We also offer the open source solution Jitsi Meet. From 19,95 euro per month you can use Jitsi Meet on your own server. Check our Dutch website

Video conferencing

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