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Can I present without sharing my screen?

Yes, that's possible! This is a very useful feature of BigBlueButton.

Sharing a screen costs a lot of bandwidth ("network traffic") and, for many participants, quickly results in faltering connections. When uploading a presentation, it is made suitable ("converted") for sharing via the web.

In the new version of BigBlueButton, which will be released this spring (2021), multiple presentations can be uploaded, making switching between different presentations easier and faster.

How do breakout rooms work?

The "moderator" can create multiple breakout rooms by clicking on the "wheel" by its user name.

What is the difference between a moderator, a presenter and a user?

A moderator is the one with an account that can be logged in with. Once logged in, a moderator can also start a meeting and send an invitation to users to join the meeting.

A moderator is also a presenter but can also give this role to a user. There is only 1 presenter per Room.

Do I need special software?

No. You need a modern browser. We recommend Firefox or Chrome. But also Microsoft Edge and Safari (if up-to-date) work.

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