We use the Open Source program "Big Blue Button" ( on our servers.

Big Blue Button is a powerful platform with which you can collaborate safely online. It is very suitable for giving online meetings and collaborating online. For example, you can divide your participants over a number of so-called breakout rooms so that you can collaborate more efficiently or organise a conference.

Big Blue Button


Big Blue Button has many powerful built-in features as standard, allowing you to run your webinars efficiently yourself.


Share messages and links with other participants. Or send private messages to your team members


Make your webinars more personal by using webcams to show the participants on the screen.


Communicate with your team members using high quality audio

Breakout rooms

Grouping users in breakout areas for team collaboration

Shared document

Collaborate on a document that you can later download to MSWord or LibreOffice Writer.


You can take polls. Your team members will then be able to express their opinions by voting.

Sharing the screen

Show what you mean. Share your screen with your team members so they see the same thing


Use the whiteboard function to make drawings to clarify your story.

Share presentation

Easily share your presentation live with your teammates

Extra options

On top of BigBlueButton we have installed extra functionality

User management

Easily create users and send invitations

Room management

Easily create and manage rooms

Recording sessions

Easy recording and downloading

No special software required!

BigBlueButton works with your web browser and without special plugins. BigBlueButton uses WebRTC (Web RealTime Communication) to communicate with high quality audio, video and screen sharing.

WebRTC is supported by default by all major browsers: Chrome, FireFox, Safari and Safari Mobile. For best results use Chrome or Firefox.


Apple OSX
Chrome OS
Google Chrome

Collaborate safely

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