The entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurs

Oscar Buse and Peter Martin have known each other for years from a Linux user group that they organise monthly in Nijmegen. Due to anti-Corona measures, the physical user group meetings cannot take place. That is why they were looking for a safe and privacy friendly way to be able to continue the meeting remotely.

The entrepreneurs are both enthusiastic open source software users. With open source software, the internal operation is transparent and you have complete freedom to make adjustments. It was not so strange that in their search for safe video conferencing software, they ended up with an open source system called BigBlueButton.

Oscar has become even more enthusiastic since he came into contact with Linux in 1994. It didn't take long when he founded his own company "KwaLinux Trainingen" in 1997 to share his knowledge about Linux and Open Source. Also as co-organiser of, Oscar is committed to this.

In addition, he regularly sits on the Linux buttons at large companies when it comes to system administration and development.  With his knowledge Oscar helps with the secure and good setup of the services of

Besides this hobby sports and traveling, Oscar enjoys living in the beautiful city centre of Nijmegen.

Peter loves the freedom and possibilities that open source software offers, as well as sharing knowledge. He has been active in the international Joomla community since 2005: first as a regular forum user and later as a Global Moderator on the Joomla forum. In the past he was active in the Community Leadership Team, Operations Department Coordinator, Joomla Board of Directors and Google Summer of Code mentor. In the Netherlands he helps organising Joomla Pizza Bugs and Fun events, and the Dutch Joomla Developers group.

Since 2005 Peter supports companies and organisations with Joomla implementations, support and custom programming of Joomla extensions with his own company

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