Security and privacy friendly

Security and privacy friendly

Privacy is essential in order to communicate freely.

We use the open source program BigBlueButton on our servers. The fact that this is open source means that anyone can view the source code of the program, so that it can be excluded that, for example, data is leaked on behalf of the owner of the program. At the same time, open source offers the possibility for us to make our own adjustments in order to be able to respond better (and faster) to the wishes of our customers.

We offer you an optimal security and privacy friendly environment for the following reasons:

  • We set up our own server with BigBlueButton to provide you with the latest upgrades and security patches. Due to our years of experience in setting up Linux servers and open source software, we know exactly what is involved.
  • BigBlueButton and we take privacy seriously. For example, take a look at the BigBlueButton website about privacy, or take a look at our privacy statement.
  • We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG)
  • Because we use our own server, your data does not go to "third parties" such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Meet.
  • We monitor your server 24/7 with extensive monitoring and alerting facilities.
  • Your meetings will not be saved unless you "record" your session yourself. The recording is only visible to you and you can download and then delete it from the server.
  • Your presentations that you upload will remain on the server (unless of course you delete them). Of course only accessible to you
Security and privacy friendly

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