Remote training

Remote training

The aim of a training course is to teach the participants something that they will then apply. During a meeting, a trainer transfers knowledge and allows the participants to practice skills. In remote training, a trainer faces additional challenges.

Important for training

  • Trust
    For a good transfer of knowledge, a relationship of trust between the trainer and the participants is important. Participants should feel free to express criticism.
  • Good interaction
    In order to teach the participants knowledge and skills, good interaction between the trainer and participants is important. A good trainer adapts training to the level and learning style of the participants.
  • Communication
    Both verbal and non-verbal communication are essential in the transfer of knowledge. Non-verbal communication gives the trainer additional information about how the participant feels and whether he/she understands the material.

Distance training challenges

When training at a distance, a trainer has to deal with some extra difficulties because of that distance:

  • the trainer and participants know each other less well because they work at a distance
  • Distance can make participants feel less involved
  • participants may be distracted and at the same time engaged in other things
  • participants may have a different mindset because they are in a different environment or time zone
  • connection quality may vary
  • technical problems encountered by participants

Remote training solutions

A trainer can respond to the extra challenges:

  • increasing involvement by having a video and audio connection with all participants
  • involve participants who are distracted in the training through questions
  • possibly motivate the individual participants via private messages
  • use good equipment:
    • modern computer
    • fast network connection (use a fixed Ethernet cable instead of WiFi or 4G)
    • fast internet connection
  • Use good online video conference software:
    • which offers good video and audio
    • where a presentation can be shown within the environment
    • where private messages can be sent
    • where a trainer can temporarily turn off the audio of individual participants 
    • which has the possibility of splitting up into groups
    • be able to work together on shared documents, e.g. to take notes together
    • a shared whiteboard 


Trainers need to be good at their job and at communicating their knowledge and skills. Training at a distance can be difficult.
That is why we offer BigBlueButton support to organisations.

BigBlueButton is open source software which means that it does not impose any restrictions on users: Open source software is free to use, modify and distribute.

BigBlueButton is extremely suitable for remote training:

  • the video and audio quality is excellent
  • the trainer can show a presentation within the environment
  • participants can send private messages to each other
  • the trainer can temporarily turn off the audio of individual participants 
  • the participants can be divided into groups and come together in breakout rooms
  • participants can work together on shared documents
  • The software has a shared whiteboard function on which participants can draw to make their story clear.

Possibilities of BigBlueButton

  • A 1-on-1 training or for several people, you are always well prepared.
  • You can upload your own presentation and show it without sharing your screen. You can also work interactively by, for example, underlining or surrounding important points.
  • You can also "point out" things to your participants.
  • You can easily switch to another presentation, or show a video.
  • Or you can record your session for later presentation elsewhere.
  • You are always in full control, but you can also have another presentation made.

View all possibilities of BigBlueButton

Remote training

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